We are a collective who do creative work in the form of

Art, design & products to delight you.



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Our self-initiated projects range from art prints, functional products, design and games to interventions, installations, videos, land art, and performances. Sign up for event invitation and updates. We are driven by a need to experiment, interact and explore. We aim to make beautiful things that add value to the lives of our clients, peers and society in general. Most of our work is based on creating interesting intersections between Mother Nature and technology.


As a team of multi-skilled professionals we offer a variety of services.

Our creative work includes graphic design, indie publishing, illustration, animation, art, photography, writing and game development. We travel often, and will work for food & boarding for the right project. Our current clients include art galleries, entrepreneurs, fellow creative professionals and holistic health practitioners.


Communication design, CD covers, posters, logo design, web design & layout


Motion graphics, 3D animation, video editing, interactive design and game design


Creative consultation, workshops & private tutoring


Art, Illustration, Installation, Interventions, Events & Experience creation

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